Patented Technology – How It Works

To develop a filter park prototype, a patented and proven technology will be used: 

Particles and Aerosols

The patented Veritech coil filter eliminates particles (dust, dirt, soot etc.) and aerosols generated from traffic (air sea, land), industrial activity, combustion etc. It is successfully used in professional and industrial kitchens to eliminate particles and fat aerosols from the exhaust air. Due to a centrifugal action inside the filter, it works with an outstanding high efficiency. The coil filter is equipped with an automatic water based cleaning mechanism, which washes the extracted pollutants from the filter surface. 

Particulate Matter Under 2.5µm

To eliminate small particulate matter with diameters that are 10 micrometers and smaller (PM10) and under 2.5µm (PM2.5), we plan to use a Corona Plasma filter with an automatic cleaning system. Watch the video to see the filter in the on/off modus as well as manual cleaning of the retained particles.


Gaseous Pollutants

Most of the gaseous pollutants, such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other chemicals, are eliminated in a commercial scrubber.

Bad Odors, H2S, Volatile Organic Componds

The patented and very compact bio filter with an active biomass in a fluidized bed, eliminates remaining gaseous pollutants and odorants by decomposition and digestion. The core element of the bio filter system is a bioreactor. It contains a mass of fine granular media on which the bio medium (non-pathogenic bacteria) colonizes. The bio medium is kept under humid conditions and in a constant dynamic motion. The contaminated air enters the fluidized biomass chamber and comes into contact with the bacteria which degrades the pollutants into nontoxic products which are exhausted through the top of the chamber. The very large active surface area enables a high level of gas/biofilm contact. This increases the filtration almost 100-fold compared to conventional static bio filters. In the chamber remains a small quantity of neutral bio sludge which is automatically removed from the base of the filter. The bio filter consumes very little electricity.